People registered at our site can act in two roles:

  • Customers - people, the immediate objective of which is using services of Service. It is obtain of translations and correspondence with foreigners.
  • Translators - people, in a sense, which is part of our Service. Their role is providing tranastions to Customers.

We have no shortage of Translators but yet we have few Customers.

In order to attract new Customesrs we are launching the affiliate program.


To your account in our service would be credited partner's fee that is 10% of each payment for subscribtion fee of Customers which following to your referral link.

Received money you then can withdraw.

If Customer cancel subscription your partner's fee will be withdrawn.

It is considered that Customer is your referral in case first referral link that he follows is yours.

Period of this program validity for your referrals is unlimited.

Referal number is ulimited.


Affiliate link it is link in the following format
For example: or
That is, one can follow to any page of our site. For example Pricing or Questions, or to chat page, etc.

When Customer following to your referral link your partnership id saving in browser cookies and is taken from there when Customer registering.
So it is not necessary that Customer register with your affiliate link. He just needs to follow to any site page.

Only first affiliate link is taken into account.
If Customer then following affiliate link another person it is will be ignored.

Once again, it program aim to involve new Customers, no Translators.
Of course, in general, person may be both Customer and Translator at the same time, so if you bring that person, partner's fee will be assessed.

Partner's fee will be assessed not for registrations, but for subscriptions of Customers.
We doesn't need thousand of senseless registartions. We need people for whom our service will be useful.
So attempts to register fake users, lure people by deception, etc. - it's rather pointless.

Partner's fee will be assessed from each of subscription fee of your referral.
That is, if your referral throughout the year every month pay subscription fee $15 therefore for year you will be assessed $180.

Partner's fee will be assessed right after your referral payment.

Partner's fee assessments is "lifetime".
That is, while our service is working and Customer that your brought pay subscription feeyou will be assessed partner's fee.

We reserve the right to terminate this affiliate program but you would still assess partner's fee for Customers you already brought.

Yes, we are really don't charge a subscription fee.
But the faster we attract Customers, the faster complete beta-testing and the faster will start assessments of partner's fee.

No. We don't want to trick anyone.
We are trying to attract new Customers and maybe you'll do it better.


In order to participate in affiliate program:

  • Sign up or Sign in;
  • On account page go to side menu item Affiliate program;
  • Create partnership id;
  • Publish referral links on forums, socials, etc.


If you still have questions you can ask here

Or anonymously comment here